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Viva Mortis - This Isometric ZX Spectrum inspired game looks super duper!

The last post for this evening and wow is it a good'n! As we've recently been informed through Facebook that AdamStrange has released his ZX Spectrum inspired game ' Viva Mortis ', for PC, MAC and Linux. What makes this game rather special isn't just the fact it is a ZX Spectrum graphical inspired game, but if you loved isometric games from Ultimate Play the Game, then you'll know what to expect from this fast paced isometric retro-fest feast for the eyes and ears.

According to the developer, Viva Mortis was written for the SyntaxBomb Retro-Game fightout. It is based on a Sinclair Spectrum with the option to use ZX-Spectrum graphics from glorious color clash to 16 amazing Sinclair colours and sound (from a single beep (48k), simple 3 voice (128k) or fully sampled (next)).  So yes if you loved games of this type but want something a little faster with more action and playable on a PC, then check out Viva Mortis!


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