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Real3DOPlayer, IrataJaguar, GearMasterPlayer and NumPadPlayer are now Android freeware

Real3DOPlayer, IrataJaguar, GearMasterPlayer and NumPadPlayer are available for free download from the section with the emulator .

It's time to remove them from the market, thanks to everyone who bought it! And there are many reasons for this: the curved pens of the SDK developers will break one thing, then the other, in general, there are enough acts of vandalism on their part, and together with their ingenious improvements that require immediate action by the developer, it turns out that instead of to update the software once again and build it with the latest SDK, you basically solve some problems caused by this very SDK update. Meanwhile, the position of C ++ in development for android, especially in terms of access rights, was becoming increasingly sad, which did not allow me to make at least the same normal access to SD without ornate integration with Java. Before the heap, you must definitely cope with the tasks from the letters of happiness with all sorts of requirements for design and for developers. And the last couple of letters were completely about that I have to update applications otherwise they will be blocked. They say correctly - you can’t fulfill the demands of the terrorists, and I will not.


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