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Random: Mario Without His Mustache Just Doesn't Look Right

Mario's mustache is iconic as his cap and overalls, so what happens when you shave it off? Well, nothing really - it just looks incredibly odd and means Mario doesn't resemble the Italian plumber we all know and love.

An individual by the name of SlashSMC was curious to see what Nintendo's number one mascot looked like in Super Mario Odyssey without his stache and decided to remove it. We'll admit this is just a little bit terrifying.

In saying this, Mario arguably looks closer to his actual age with a clean face. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, in an interviewdating back to 2005, Mario is around "24 or 25" years old. If you're eager to see more of this clean-shaven version of Mario in Odyssey, you can take a look at his smooth face in the following video uploaded by ProsafiaGaming:


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