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Intellivision Amico to get an new Earthworm Jim exclusive

Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 are Sega Genesis classics. When we reported that EJ had been added to the Genesis Mini line-up, I would have been stoked if it weren’t for the fact that I can fire it up anytime on my 30-year-old original Genesis console, but that is beside the point. The point is that a new Earthworm Jim is in production.

David Perry, one of the game’s original programmers, told Engadget way back in 2012 that he was “sure” that a new Earthworm Jim adventure would eventually be produced. He was right.

Intellivision announced on Wednesday that it is bringing together the original team including Perry, creator Doug TenNapel, and company CEO Tommy Tallarico, who recently bought the company, to develop a new title in the series. The reveal comes as the game approaches its 25th anniversary on August 2.

Watercolor by Doug TenNapel, which will be given away during the broadcast.

Don’t get too excited though. The game is still in the very early stages, so won’t be out by the anniversary. It is also a planned exclusive for Intellivision’s upcoming Amico console. That doesn’t necessarily mean a port is out of the question down the road, but it’ll be awhile.

Intellivision will be live streaming its first design meeting on May 4 at noon Pacific time, which is pretty cool for those interested in seeing some early behind the scenes stuff. It will be a 20-minute interactive session with the entire 10-person development team. There are several pieces of original art they will be giving away as well — all signed by the developers of course.

“We have been talking about this moment for many years; it’s a dream come true to finally get the entire team back together. We’re looking forward to sharing a small part of our reunion and initial design meeting with fans from around the world,” said Tallarico who composed the music for Earthworm Jim 1 and 2.


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