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Former Rare Developer Shares New Details About Conker's Cancelled Sequel

Conker's Bad Fur Day designer Chris Seavor has once again taken to Twitter to share new details about the sequel that never saw the light of day. Well before the open-world multiplayer game Sea of Thieves, Rare had plans for a direct follow-up to Conker's original and mature-themed outing on the Nintendo 64.

According to the design documents, Conker's Other Bad Day was meant to pick up from where the first game ended. The idea was to divide it into four separate parts, with three sub-plots and a storyline concerning Berri.

The starting point intended to display a miserable-looking Conker acknowledging himself as the Emperor of the Known Universe, before the opening chapter revisited an earlier period in time, prior to the first game's post-credits ending. The second chapter would continue on with the return of the Panther King, who would do a deal with Death and swap bodies with Conker in order to return to the land of the living as a much darker squirrel.

In the third chapter, Conker ends up escaping from The Basement, after killing off Death with a bunch of cats and banishing the Panther King. From here, Conker returns to his throne and begins planning for a royal wedding with his new love-interest, Bunni the rabbit. As the end credits start to roll, the castle begins to shake and Conker yells out at the programmers to "stop the credits" as he rushes over to the window to investigate.

Apart from this, Seavor also shared a bunch of design documents detailing the many different worlds in the game, including an illustration of Conker's new lady friend. Last of all was an upload of the basic structure of the game and a bit more information about how most levels would have been parodies of movies, cult television shows and video game themes.


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