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Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing aka FXAA

According to multiple user requests, GLideN64 now supports Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing aka FXAA. FXAA is post-processing filter, which eliminates aliasing. Check the image to see how it works with Super Mario 64.

As you may notice, traditional Multisample anti-aliasing aka MSAA gives the best result. Result of FXAA is decent, but not as good.

So, why use it? As you may know, N64 depth compare is hard to emulate properly on PC hardware. I made shader based emulation of N64 depth compare. Currently it can be enabled without sacrifice in performance, but it is not compatible with MSAA. That is if you enabled N64 depth compare you lost anti-aliasing. Now you may enable FXAA and N64 depth compare and play without major sacrifice in graphics quality.

Also, FXAA is less demanding to hardware power than MSAA. Anti-aliasing techniques as FXAA are the only way to get AA  on mobile devices with GL ES 2.0. FXAA is currently available in WIP builds and of course it will be included into upcoming public release.

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