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Fans add Peter Griffin, Shrek, Deadpool into Smash

This past week has seen a wave of interesting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mods unveiled. Modders have taken interest in adding their favorite characters into the SSBU roster. This hilarious proof is in the additions of Deadpool, Peter Griffin and Shrek.

Firstly, a mod by Hefty/Kalomaze has been released, allowing players to control Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame. The mod copies King K. Rool’s moveset and repurposes it for Peter Griffin.

Then there’s Deadpool, by modder Demonslayerx8, which was revealed weeks ago. Deadpool uses Solid Snake’s moveset.

And finally, Shrek has been added by Hefty, taking Ganondorf’s moveset and animations.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, each character’s unique voice hasn’t been added. Maybe we’ll see that change in the near future?

All of these mods, in addition to new variant skins and additional taunts, can be downloaded via Gamebanana. A sift through the forum shows a plethora of new abilities and options for Ultimate players to vary their style and match choice.


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