Developer Reveals Updated Version of 'GoldenEye 007' Created With Unreal Engine

Three years after getting retro gamers excited with a first look, the developers behind GoldenEye 25 are now back with the latest look at the gameplay they have been working on.

The ambitious free to play game began as a mission to port and remasted iconic Nintendo 64 title GoldenEye 007 for retro gamers and a new generation of fans. Developed on the Unreal Engine, the GoldenEye 25 focuses on the classic solo campaign and is set to release August 2022 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original.

Looking at the “Silo” campaign gameplay, we can see the duo behind the updated version have been working tirelessly the last few years to create enhanced textures, lighting, and character models based on the source material. Despite creating all original assets, all the map layouts and enemy placements found in GoldenEye 25 will remain exactly the same as they are in GoldenEye 007.

Catch the upgraded GoldenEye 25 “Silo” campaign gameplay above and stay tuned for the 2022 release of the game.

By Nicolaus Li - Source